Permanent Makeup of Atlanta offers classes in the following areas:  



Permanent makeup courses cover:

We offer several classes depending on what your goals are and the classes are designed to fit each student.

These are the classes that we are currently offering:


1.  Permanent Eyebrows Design - This class focuses on the art of Permanent Eyebrow Design . This class is best for those that wish to specialize in eyebrows only. This course does not include supplies or machine. We teach both the manual method and/or the machine method.

2. Full Permanent Makeup course -  This course includes Permanent Eyebrows , Eyelash Enhancement and natural lip color. We do not use fashion colors, and focus on a natural look. The course includes eyebrow tinting , eyelash tinting and eyebrow design.  This course does not include supplies or machine. We teach both the manual method and/or the machine method.

3. Full Permanent Make up course plus Hair Simulation for scar camouflage, Areola  pigmentation, Hair Simulation for men and women with hair that desire added density.  This course does not include supplies or machine. We teach both the manual method and/or the machine method. A special machine is required for the Hair Simulation and this machine is an excellent machine for Permanent Makeup also.


All new students without Permanent Makeup experience are required to complete 100 hours of instruction in order to receive their certificate. New Students are required to complete this time within 90 days. Everyone learns at a different rate and there is no charge for additional instruction during the first year if needed.  The certificate is not given until the student passes and exam.

For advanced classes, we would design the day based on what each student is wanting to learn. The Hair Simulation course is taught as an advanced course. This course focuses on men and women with hair that desire added density along with Hair Simulation For Scar camouflage.

Once the course is complete you get a certification but that is NOT a license. You need to check the licensing in your area. Most licensing falls under tattoo laws. Either way you need to check the laws in your area but we will give you a certification. The certification allows you to continue your education and get insurance if needed. We only accept a certain amount of students each year.  If you're interested please email us and include a two paragraph resume on your background and goals.


Sample Quiz

1. What are standard needle Types and what needles are used in what cases

2. List standard needle sizes (gauges).

3. List skin disorders not to Tattoo

4. List skin layers

5. What are common diseases

6. Describe color selection for brows, lips and liner

7. Describe proper sanitation

8. List procedure set up

9. Describe brow procedure, liner procedure and lips. Include from start to finish what is done and the after care.

10. List and describe all tattoo machines and methods and what needles are used.

11. How are files set up and what is included in them

12. What colors can not be mixed

13. When is a patch test done and why

14. What is on client history form

15. What is said at a consultation

16. What if a client is not happy

17. What supplies are needed

18. Are MRI's safe

19. What organization Board Certifies you

20. What are risks of each procedure

21. What type of clients do you not tattoo

22. What do you do in case of a problem and list common problems