Little About Cheryl Steinberg Rosenblum

A Little About Cheryl Steinberg Rosenblum

Permanent Makeup of Atlanta|Permanent EyebrowsCheryl has been in business for over 10 years. Cheryl Rosenblum is on the board of The Georgia Micropigmentation and Permanent Makeup Association.  Cheryl has been studying Permanent Cosmetics for over ten years.  She has trained with John Hashey, one of the leading instructors of Permanent Cosmetics. John Hashey was a certified instructor with the American Society of Micro pigmentation. Cheryl has extensive makeup training with Eli Najim of Eli Najim International. Eli is one of Atlanta's leading makeup artists. Some of her other training include work with Sarah Mays Roberts. Sarah is known as one of Hollywood's favorite makeup artists. Cheryl has done the makeup for the cover of the Piedmont Review, one of Atlanta's leading local magazines and have completed over 8000 permanent makeup procedures. You can see the photos in November and December 2001 issues.

Cheryl's other training includes a certification in the hand tool method with Leslie Lind of Perfect Appearance and certification in the rotary method with Dixie Medford of the Texas institute of Permanent Cosmetics. Cheryl has also taken advanced brow design with Permanent Cosmetics International, Miami Florida. She continues her education and this year had the honor of taking a Tattoo Machine operations course with Americas most famous Tattoo Artist, Lyle Tuttle (Founder of the Tattoo Museum).

In addition to her certificates, Cheryl is also a member of the American Academy of Micro pigmentation, and is A board certified Micro pigmentation Instructor by the American Academy of Micro pigmentation. Cheryl is a member of the Conventional & Cosmetic Tattoo Association. Currently she is the only Permanent Makeup Artist in Atlanta that is both a licensed tattoo Artist and Board Certified.

Cheryl is proud to be Atlanta's Cosmetic Tattoo Artist to obtain a Tattoo license as required by Georgia Law (by definition the application of permanent cosmetics is a tattoo). Cheryl is first and only Cosmetic Tattoo Artist in the state of Georgia who is both properly licensed as a Tattoo Artist and Board Certified by the American Academy of Micro Pigmentation. You can view the Academy web site for other Board Certified Artists in your area.
Although Cheryl has received certificates from several schools, the Board Certification requires fulfilling the AAM educational requirements along with passing the written, verbal and practical exam. The AAM is the only organization that has the ability to Board Certify a Cosmetic Tattoo Artist.

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